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Sample logrotate configuration and troubleshooting
 · To show how you can use logrotate for your applications, here’s an example that will come in handy for many people: rotating logs for your custom virtual hosts. The example uses Apache ®, but you can tweak it for other webservers like nNinx® or Lighttpd® , usually just …
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Logrotate program is a log file management tool. Used to split log files, compress and save old log files, delete old log files, and create new log files. Here is the log rotate log rotation record: 1.1 Introduction to Logrotate ProfileThe default logrotate is installed on the Linux system, and the default configuration file is: …
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Logrotate is available on many other Linux distributions as well, but the default configuration may be quite different. Other sections of this tutorial will still apply as long as your version of Logrotate is similar to Ubuntu 16.04’s.
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How To enable log rotate in Linux Server logrotate is a program which will automatically backup your old log files and gzip them. You can specifiy how often logrotate should backup your logfiles and how long it should keep them. The advantage of logrotation is that
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Logrotate will make a copy of the log file and start a new one based on a configuration you write. Log rotation is done through 2 Linux utilities, the first is the crontab that manages running logrotate and then logrotate itself is used to manage renaming logs and copying them.
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Managing your Linux/Unix log files using logrotate
 · For example, for Debian based system, all you need to do to install logrotate is: apt-get install logrotate For this guide, we will be rotating and managing the log files generated by Apache and Squid on a FreeBSD-6.x and a Linux Debian-4.1 box.
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Beyond Linux ® From Scratch – Version 7.6 Chapter 12. System Utilities Prev lm_sensors-3.3.5 Next MC-4.8.13 Up Home Logrotate-3.8.7 Introduction to Logrotate
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For example, you can set up logrotate such that the log file /var/log/foo is rotated every 30 days, and logs older than 6 months are deleted. Once configured, the process is fully automated using logrotate without any further need for human interaction.
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It’s available in debian and RH and pretty much every other linux distro I know of. It’s a /bin/sh shell script, so should run on any other unix too. e.g. before writing anything to test.log run savelog -n -c 7 test.log. This will keep the 7 most recent non-empty versions
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logrotate The logrotate utility is designed to simplify the administration of log files on a system which generates a lot of log files. Logrotate allows for the automatic rotation compression, removal and mailing of log files. Logrotate can be set to handle a log file hourly
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Logrotate main purpose is to easy administrator of Linux logs. It is very talented tool it cat Automatic rotation Compression Removal Mailing Logs Logrotate can be configured and run accordingly with configuration files. We will look all of them in this tutorial in detail.
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 · For example, man logrotate.conf shows that tabooext and taboopat can be used to filter out .orig, .bak, .rpmnew, or other files that might result from versioning or updates. For the krb5.conf file, there is both an include and includedir directive.
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For example, if a rotation time of 86400 is specified, the hour, minute, and second fields created from the strftime(3) format will all be zero, referring to the beginning of the current 24-hour period (midnight).
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Pages related to logrotate_selinux logrotate_mail_selinux (8) – Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the logrotate_mail processes logrotate (8) – rotates, compresses, and mails system logs logresolve (8) – Resolve IP-addresses to hostnames in Apache log files log